Classes that move you.

A community that supports you.

An all in one membership that includes live streaming, on-demand and in-person classes. 





No impact, big gains. These classes improve strength, balance and build lean muscle. Each workout is designed to meet your needs based on duration, intensity, equipment and/or muscle group.  


Motion is the magic potion! Get your heart pumping in a variety of ways from athletic based conditioning to choreographed dance workouts that are created to meet your intensity and timing desires.

Cardio + Strength

All-in-one training. Explore a variety of integrated strength and cardio classes that are designed for serious results based on duration, intensity, muscle group and/or equipment.


Mindful movement at its finest. Whether you haven’t touched your toes in a while or are looking to take your inversion game to another level, you can find a variety of vinyasa, yoga sculpt and meditation classes for all levels.



Clip in and let the motivation move you! These indoor cycle workouts vary from endurance, rhythm, interval and sculpt based rides.


Refine, tone, lift and define. Enjoy dance-inspired barre workouts designed for all levels. Don’t underestimate the power of long lines, light weights and strong holds…the rhythm may get to you!


Hey future generation, we see you! These workouts are customized, designed and delivered to move the minds, bodies and hearts of our 6-14 year old community. 


Our Empower classes are designed to help you maximize your strengths, expand empathy for others and further your personal and professional life. These sessions are a collective collaboration to connect with yourself and your community to take care of yourself so you can better take care of others.

The App

The Move For Good App is a one-stop-shop to book live stream, video-on-demand, and in-person classes anytime from anywhere.


When you join a live streaming class, you’ll have the option to see all of your friends while working out.  Virtual fist bumps included!


We also have a variety of on-demand classes at your fingertips, so if you “accidentally” slept in, we’ve got you covered!


Click either Apple or Google Play below to download The Move For Good App today!

note: The Move For Good App does not support any purchase or payment options, all transactions must be done via website.

We're excited to see you! 


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