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The Story Behind
Our Purpose

In 2000, Brad met Katie. No, this wasn’t a “Harry met Sally” moment; it was a “fitness soul mate” meets “fitness soul mate” moment. Over the next 20 years, a friendship developed that supported, lifted up and built a foundation of love for fitness. Out of that relationship grew a common belief that “we will someday launch our collaborative dream of accessible and affordable fitness for all.” 


In 2020, amidst a global pandemic, we knew this was the time to unite and share what we have learned over our 20 years of helping people discover and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We resigned from our roles in corporate fitness to bring to you the best talent and technology to accomplish an ambitious goal:


“To bring the joy of movement and community to you at home, in person, and with tools to track your progress while offering access to those who can’t afford it with a buy one, give one membership model.“


And that’s how our baby, The MO>E FOR GOOD, was born.  Now we all get to nurture and grow this community together!


 - Brad & Katie

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